2 ways to register your entries

To exhibit at this year’s show you will need to register the classes you wish to enter so that we can prepare your entry cards. With over 12 divisions to choose from with 107 separate classes there will be something for everybody.

View the Entries Schedule for 2021 here

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To register there are two options:-

Paper Entry

Simply print off an entry form and circle all classes you wish to enter.

You will need to fill out a separate form for each entrant.

All completed forms must be returned to the Aldermaston Stores by 6p.m. on Wednesday 1st Sept 2021.

A printable entry form…

Online App

Simply visit the online schedule app, register and log on.

Fill out all classes you wish to enter, make entries for other people in your household under the same account by naming separate entrants.

You can add to your classes at any time right up to 6p.m. on Thursday 2nd Sept 2021. One day later than the paper entry.

To access the online app click here.


Not only will it save unnecessary printing, it will save you time and help us to compile all entries.